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Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Hello wonderful youth, welcome to the new St Aldates youth website!

Due to the current circumstance that we find ourselves in, we sadly are not able to meet face to face. Despite this we want to stay connected as a youth group, connected to God and connected to to whats going on in the world.

We have what we think is a really exciting new programme lined up for you, from Monday-Fridays we will be posting daily content for you to engage with, both on here and via our new YouTube channel.

We start the week with Monday Fun-day. This is the day where anything goes! You'll find things like cooking lessons, dance routines, and who knows what else, we want your suggestions!

Next we have Testimony Tuesday, you guessed it, we'll hear testimonies from various different people about what God has done or is doing in peoples lives.

Wednesday is for The Word, we'll be posting a Bible study for you to do at home, by yourself or with others, up to you! It's a time to get stuck into the Bible, so get your Bible, a notebook and set some time aside with God.

You'll then have Thursdays Thoughts. This will be a blog post to get you thinking about a whole range of things, whether it's how not to get addicted to social media whilst you're staying at home, or even an opportunity for you to think about how we can reach out to those around us.

Finally, we'll finish the week with Fellowship Fridays! We still want to be doing life as a community and so we will set everyone a challenge and ask you to either take a photo, share your stories of how its gone and get involved!

Although life may be looking a little different for a while, lets make the most of it and stay connected in new and creative ways. Make sure to check up on one another, see how each other is doing and pray for one another.

If you want to get involved in any way, then you can get in touch via Instagram or email , so don't hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to starting this new season with you!

Love, The St Aldates Youth Team x

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