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Thursdays Thoughts // Do You Remember?

The last couple of months have helped me remember a few things about myself, and God. Here's some of the things I've been reminded of...

  • I am a creative. I love making art, sewing, interior design.

  • I love cooking. Being able to sit and eat a meal with others that I've cooked from scratch gives me a real sense of achievement, and the process is really fun.

  • God is in every detail. When I look at the flowers in my garden, to making plans to meet up with a friend. I see him clearly.

  • The outdoors brings me so much JOY! Seeing a beautiful view, being next to water, sitting in my garden, all of these things fill me with joy.

  • Spending time just 'being' with God not having to do anything, but enjoying His presence is great!

  • God will never stop pursuing relationship with us. He's in it for the long haul.

I wonder what things you may have been reminded of over the last few months?

Why not spend a bit of time today remembering what you're good at, what things God has put within you that make you feel most alive, and ultimately who God is!

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