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Thursdays Thoughts // Day 67

67 days...

It's been 67 days since lock down began.

That's longer than Jesus was in the wilderness. Longer than it would take you to talk to Edinburgh and back 7 times, and most definitely longer than I have ever gone without visiting a charity shop.

None of us could have predicted this year would go quite as it has. I wonder how you would explain how the past 67 days have been? I think I'd say it's been like riding on the back of a giant caterpillar, slow and unexpected. That means there have been many great moments with lots of fun memories having been made, but alongside that there have been many very mundane, and not so brilliant days.

It's important to look for the joy in everyday life. To notice the things that make you smile, the times that make you laugh, and the moments that brighten your day. It's not always easy to do that, it's more a discipline we can choose. It's very okay to sit and acknowledge your disappointments, any low moments, sadness or challenges.

So today's thought is this. Allow yourself the freedom to experience today, whatever comes with it, don't let it just pass you by without acknowledging it. Maybe finish your day by writing down what happened, how you felt about it, communicate it to God and allow yourself to just be present in today.

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